Do you have your FREE training class yet?

Keely Colvin

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our BOGO special offer today before it ends on June 30th.  We’re offering a buy one get one free promotion for all of our 90-minute online training classes

Our online training classes provide step-by-step instruction on specific features or functions in Point. These classes were specifically designed to help you get the most out of your software. Whether you’re a new user or you already know the basics there’s a class ideal for you. Some of our most popular classes include ‘GFE 2010’, ‘Getting Started in Point’, ‘Originating and Processing Loans in Point’, and ‘Building Templates.’

Go ahead and register for a 90-minute online training class today! Remember, your free class can be used at anytime within one month of purchase. All free classes must be registered through the Calyx Training Center at 800.362.2599. Use your free class for yourself or be generous and share with a colleague! Either way, your company wins by gaining more knowledge about Point – absolutely free.

To learn more about our online classes and registration information, please visit

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