Looking for a reliable Verification Services company?

Keely Colvin

Well look no further! TaxReturnVerification.com is a prominent Verification Services company who is integrated in Point®. TaxReturnVerification.com is the leading innovation in income verification. They verify a borrower’s income by validating income through tax returns filed with the IRS.

With fraud becoming more common, lenders are becoming more cautious than ever. Income records, such as payroll statements and public record are not always reliable, since it is possible for these to be altered. TaxReturnVerification.com verifies income through form T-4506. With this simple system, the borrower fills out an easy form and results are returned with tax records for the individual from the requested year.

TaxReturnVerification.com is a very user friendly program. Using state of the art service, the program offers a delivery and tracking system, with an email notification from a secure site when results are ready. Through a 24/7 approval process, you will receive the fastest turnaround times available in the industry – period!

Start using Tax Return Verification’s services today. Simply go to Interface>Verification Services>TaxReturnVerifications.com in Point. For more information call 615.250.2005 or visit www.taxreturnverifications.com.

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