Seek superior solutions from AMC Links and now get Full 1004 appraisals as low as $199!

Keely Colvin

Save up to $200 on FHA and Conventional Appraisals during this limited time offer…click on to order your coupons!

As the nation’s first statutory registered appraisal management company, AMC Links has what it takes to help you create successful closings. They understand the keys to success in lending and provide superior solutions to make you successful whether you’re a Processor, Loan Officer, Underwriter, or Compliance Officer.

AMC Links delivers the highest quality appraisals in an average of 72 hours from the time you place your order. Their staff is complete with high quality appraisers to deliver accurate and complete reports. Appraisal accuracy guarantee, expedited appraisal condition clearing, and superior appraisal order tracking are just a few of AMC Link’s top services.

Start utilizing AMC Link’s services in Point® today. Simply go to Interfaces >Appraisals > AMC Links.

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