What makes SmartGFE’s service unique?

Keely Colvin

Unlike any other data source in the marketplace, the SmartGFE data delivery service, integrated in Point, provides LOs with real-time vendor fees for appraisers (block 3), title and settlement services (blocks 4 and 5), and other required real estate services (home and pest inspections and land surveys, as needed for block 6). In addition, SmartGFE provides services for property characteristics and local transfer taxes and recording fees nationwide. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive data solution.

The SmartGFE service makes it easy for LOs to shop and compare services as they prepare the GFE. When you set up your account, you can select your preferred vendors, so that they will automatically populate back to your loan file, or you can shop and select other local services after comparing fees from local vendors in the SmartGFE’s comprehensive database of local, regional and national providers.

The SmartGFE is a division of ClosingCorp, a neutral, independent real estate data provider. Start using SmartGFE’s services in Point today. Simply go to Interfaces > Compliance> SmartGFE. For more information, call 888.433.6645 or visit www.smartgfe.com.

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