Looking for a Title and Escrow Software Provider?

Keely Colvin

TSS Software Corporation is an independent software provider for the real estate title and settlement services industry. TSS, who is integrated in Point, produces solutions acclaimed for their value, ease of use, and flexibility.

TitleExpress is accessible to all Point users. TitleExpress fully integrates the title and settlement processes. Information flows seamlessly through data entry, HUD-1 preparation, check writing, escrow account reconciliation, and management reporting.

TitleExpress is underwriter neutral and friendly. Automatic premium calculations, commitment and policy production, policy number inventory tracking, and comprehensive reports make underwriter-related tasks simple and efficient.

TitleExpress is developed and supported by title industry experts. TSS attributes the overwhelming success of its products and services to the depth, knowledge, and experience of their outstanding staff and ability to understand and act on the needs of their customers.

Start utilizing TSS Software’s TitleExpress software today! Simply go to Interfaces > Title/Escrow > TSS TitleExpress. To learn more about TSS Software’s products and services, visit www.iwanttss.com or call 443.321.5600.

One Response to Looking for a Title and Escrow Software Provider?

  1. Software Escrow says:

    good luck TitleExpress 🙂

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