New Tool to Stay Up-to-Date on Transfer Taxes and Recording Fees

Keely Colvin

Point users who are getting automatic data feeds through the SmartGFE Service have a new tool at their disposal. The SmartMonitor feature, just added to the service, instantly alerts you if recording fees or transfer taxes change pre-closing, so that you can re-disclose.

The SmartGFE Service provides pricing data for national, regional and local service providers along with transfer taxes and recording fees, and backs its data with a compliance guarantee.

The SmartMonitor is designed to help you stay compliant with transfer taxes and recording fees, which can change without notice across jurisdictions. It adds an extra safety net by notifying you if and when transfer taxes or recording fees change, so that you can avoid costly tolerance violations.

To access SmartGFE data, simply open a saved loan file and click the “Interfaces” link at the top of the screen. Select “Compliance” in the dropdown menu, and then select “SmartGFE” and click “Okay.” Next, click “Launch SmartGFE” and you will be ready to select the data you need to auto-populate your loan files. The SmartMonitor is included free with this service.

If you do not have a SmartGFE account, call 1-888-GFE-6645 (1-888-433-6645). We’ll provide the “Unlock Initial Fees Worksheet” template to get you started. Training is free! If you already have an account, just log in to begin. Subscribe to the SmartGFE blog.

SmartGFE can be found in the Interfaces menu in Point under the Compliance listing.

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