Won’t you be my neighbor?

BJ Bounds

Tomorrow is National Good Neighbor Day!  National Good Neighbor day started over 30 years ago but was not made an official holiday until 2003.  And since it’s official, I think we should all celebrate!

This is a day to recognize and appreciate your neighbors.  If you’d like to celebrate this neighborly holiday, here are some suggestions from Holiday Insights:

  • Help your neighbors in some way.
  • Offer a smile and friendly hello to your neighbor
  • Have your neighbor over for a meal
  • Hold a block party
  • Get to know your neighbor a little better

If your neighbors are anything like mine, you won’t even blink an eye at the concept.  I have really great neighbors –we have an idyllic Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood—minus the train and the talking animals.  I think I’m going to bake and deliver cookies to show my appreciation this year.
What are you going to do for National Good Neighbor Day?

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