Increase your loan closure rate through Data Facts

Keely Colvin

Are you looking to increase your loan closure rate? Start by utilizing Data Facts’ services in Point®. Data Facts, an integrated vendor in Point, provides many services that are essential in helping loan officers succeed.

Unmask your applicant’s true score with Data Facts’ CreditXpert.

Many applicants have credit scores that are artificially lower than they should be due to inaccurate information on their credit files. CreditXpert helps you get to the real score, so you can make a more informed and appropriate decision.

Data Facts’ CreditXpert will also help you:

  • Approve more applicants by quickly identifying those who can raise their score enough to qualify.
  • Make more compelling offers and build trusting relationships to help you win more business.
  • Save time by identifying opportunities to raise scores.
  • Eliminate guesswork by giving you helpful insights, predictions and analysis.

Lenders using CreditXpert as an integral part of their loan origination process are closing 30% more loans every month.

Start using Data Facts’ services in Point today! Simply go to Services > Credit Reports and select Data Facts, Inc in the drop down menu.

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