Utilize the benefits of WebCaster’s Online Loan Center

Keely Colvin

Calyx® WebCaster® is a subscription-based website service that offers an Online Loan Center that’s fully integrated with Point® and PointCentral™. The Online Loan Center has all the functionality you need to do business with prospects and clients anytime. WebCaster allows you and your applicants to feel confident that sensitive loan application data is protected.


Benefits of the WebCaster Online Loan Center include:

  • Seamless integration with Point
  • Offers a long and short loan application
  • Choose between the Fannie Mae Streamline application and the full 1003
  • Effortlessly manage and track all applications

Whether you need a complete website setup or just a plug-in solution for your existing website, accepting online applications through the Online Loan Center will save you money and eliminate data entry time. WebCaster costs only $24.99 a month, with no setup fees or contracts, and you’ll receive free support throughout your subscription.

It takes only minutes to have your site live and accepting online applications. Get started today! Call your Sales Representative at 800.362.2599 or click here to order online.

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