We’re still the one!


BJ Bounds


Access Mortgage Research and Consulting has just released their latest industry studies for brokers and lenders and we’re still the preferred vendor for origination and underwriting among brokers!

According to their latest results, Calyx holds 72.5% of the market share for brokers.  We’ve held more than 50% since 2000 and it’s thrilling to learn that we are still doing something right!

We also support 36% of the lender market which includes banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers.  That’s exciting news for us because we trail the leader in the lender market by only 1.4%!

We love our brokers and we have enjoyed the challenge of developing our software to meet the more extensive needs of our lenders.   We’re proud to substantiate our efforts to provide what our customers want and expect in a functional, easy to use mortgage platform!

Thanks to all of you for your trust and your business! If you’d like detailed information on our upcoming 7.3 release, click here for Point® and here for PointCentral™.

2 Responses to We’re still the one!

  1. Jenny Harlowe says:

    Congrats Calyx! Confirmation is always good.

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