Credit Reporting Services Available in Point

Keely Colvin

Certified Credit Reporting (CCR) is integrated with Point allowing customers to utilize their credit reporting services. CCR utilizes the most advanced driven technology in the marketplace today, so you will be able to retrieve reports for viewing in a matter of seconds.

CCR allows you to make faster lending decisions with Tri-Merge credit reports. Their credit reports are delivered within seconds via a secured online platform and contain the most up to date credit history and data available on an individual or joint credit applicant.

In addition, CCR has recently launched a new division called Certified Tenant Screening. This division is designed to offer their clients with fast, simple, and efficient solutions to obtain the most accurate information regarding potential tenants. With their software, you will instantly receive credit reports, scores, and applicant’s previous addresses and employment. CCR is able to provide more than just a credit report. They are able to provide a more comprehensive look at the potential tenant’s risk factors.

Start using CCR’s services today. When in Point, Simply go to Services > Credit Reports > Certified Credit Reporting, Interfaces > Credit Reporting > Certified Credit Reporting, and Interfaces > Appraisals > Certified Credit Reporting.

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