Point and PointCentral 7.3 Have Arrived!

BJ Bounds

Released today via MyCalyx™, Point® and PointCentral® 7.3 will change the way you think about compliance.

Making compliance more effective through intuitive fees worksheets and vital data synchronization, Point 7.3 has the features you want now.


Some of the fabulous new and improved features include:

  • Fees Worksheet and Closing Cost scenarios
  • Disclosed and Final Fees Synchronization and Comparisons
  • TILA Update
  • HUD-1 screen and form
  • Originator and Banker Conditions Synchronization
  • Robust Document Organization
  • Improved Tracking Status Screen
  • Enhanced Loan Profit-Loss  Screen Functionality
  • Interface Upgrades

PointCentral 7.3 adds 13 simple to use and easy to customize pre-built compliance rules that allows more efficient management of Point’s compliance tools.

Download 7.3 today through your free on-line MyCalyx account.  We strongly recommend administrators log into MyCalyx.com and push the update to all users at the same time.

Don’t have MyCalyx yet?  Call 800-362-2599 Option 1 now.

Click here for more Point 7.3 details or here for PointCentral 7.3 information.

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