Stay in Compliance with Fannie Mae’s LQI with Data Facts Clear to Close Package!

Keely Colvin

Data Facts’ Clear to Close Package offers solutions to keep you in compliance with Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative, while also assisting you with closing 30% more loans than ever before.  Data Facts also offers the ability to customize their Clear to Close Package to suit your specific needs. Start using Data Facts’ services today!

Data Facts Clear to Close Package includes:

  • Appraisal Firewall
  • SSN Verification
  • Tax Return Verifications
  • Mortgage Fraud Report
  • Mortgage Participant Report
  • Flood services
  • Inquiry Checks
  • Verification of Deposit
  • Verification of Employment
  • Verification of Mortgage
  • Check-Up (refreshed credit report prior to closing)
  • Single & joint Trimerges
  • Rapid rescores
  • Risk & Retention Monitor
  • Red Flag Rules Template
  • Quest (Pinpoint risk associated with individual accounts)
  • CreditXpert suite
  • AVMs
  • Bankruptcy Papers
  • ID SafeChoice

Data Facts, an integrated vendor in Point, has the tools you need to succeed. Stay in compliance today by utilizing their services in Point. Simply go to Services > Credit Reports and select Data Facts, Inc in the drop down menu.

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