Closing loans is simple and fast!

Keely Colvin

Are you looking to close more loans with speed and ease? Let the Calyx Network® help you succeed. When you use Point® for your Initial Disclosures and Closing Documents, you’ll be reassured that you’re getting the most accurate information available through service providers within the Calyx Network.

Point optimizes your workflow and helps you get the job done in less time. Ordering Initial Disclosures and Closing Documents is easy. Initial Disclosures are located under the Service menu. You can order Closing Documents from both the Services menu and Interfaces menu. Once ordered, your loan data is transmitted directly to the service company’s system, where the documents are quickly generated, transmitted back to you, and stored with the loan file in Point. It’s really that simple!

Some benefits of ordering from Point include:

  • A single location to store all loan documents
  • Obtain borrower’s e-signature
  • Seamless data transfer eliminates error

Why wait? Start ordering from a convenient and reliable place today! Order Initial Disclosures and Closing Documents directly from Point.

For Initial Disclosures, simply go to Services > Initial Disclosures > Request Initial Disclosures. For Closing Documents, simply go to Services > Closing Documents > Request Documents or Interfaces > Closing Docs.

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