PointCentral Rules!

BJ Bounds

Lately the constantly changing federal regulations have made implementing appropriate business processes for compliance difficult.  With PointCentral 7.3, we’ve added many new pre-built rules dedicated to making compliance simpler.

Flexible enough to fit into your business, yet strong enough to enforce proper workflow, PointCentral 7.3’s pre-built compliance rules are made just for you.

These rules are designed to help you with consistent and compliant processing at various stages of the loan cycle.  Master templates help ensure that all required fields are populated before continuing while a rule that checks for the tolerance level of the final APR ensures that re-disclosures are made if necessary.  Rules for steps in between include rules for disclosure reminders, rules for blocking emailing or printing of forms until required fields are complete, and rules for disabling zero-tolerance fields after GFE has been disclosed.

Additionally, we’ve added a new action-based rule for printing forms so you can decide who is allowed to print.

For a complete and detailed list of new PointCentral 7.3 rules, click here.

If you have more than one user in your business, PointCentral can make your life so much easier.  Call 800-362-2599 and ask your account specialist about PointCentral today.

If you don’t have a free online MyCalyx account yet, call 800-362-2599 Option 1 to get started.

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