Fees Worksheet – Point 7.3

BJ Bounds

Point 7.3’s upgraded Fees Worksheet coordinates beautifully with the GFE.  Now the worksheet is grouped by GFE blocks so you always know what fee goes where and what their tolerance levels are!  Never miss another important fee.  And we’ve removed the confusing HUD line numbers.

Another important addition to 7.3’s worksheet is the ability to show split fees in the Paid by column.  Instead of the usual drop-down selection, a button has been added which opens up a dialog box that allows you to select splits by either percentage or amount.

Expanded and customizable fees lists, added fields in multiple sections, subtotals for clarity, an expanded notes field, and more enhancements for flexibility round out the improvements in this intuitive worksheet.  Print a detailed worksheet or just a summary page—it’s your choice!

You need it; we build it.  We are making compliance more efficient with Point 7.3—quickly responding to industry requirements and answering customer requests for simpler and more streamlined processing.  Keep your comments coming!

To learn more about Fees Worksheets in Point, click here to view our free webinar schedule to find an upcoming Fees Worksheet class.

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