Accept Online Applications Today!

Keely Colvin

Calyx Software® proudly offers WebCaster®, a subscription-based website service that allows you to accept online applications 24/7. Designed to specifically work with Point® and PointCentral®, WebCaster lets you be anywhere, at anytime and provide your clients with outstanding service – all for only $24.99 a month.

Already have a website? Use WebCaster as a plug-in solution to create a seamless integration with Point and PointCentral. Functions are embedded directly into your existing website without causing any interruption. This unique plug-in solution allows you to start accepting online applications immediately.

Need a professional website? WebCaster allows you to promote your business and takes only minutes to set up. Setting up your website is simple, affordable, and customizable. With 64 different template options to choose from, you’ll have confidence that you’re representing your company’s brand effectively.

WebCaster offers an Online Loan Center that’s fully integrated with Point and PointCentral.  WebCaster allows you and your clients to feel confident that sensitive loan application data is protected.

Continue promoting your business and start accepting online applications with WebCaster today. Call your Sales Representative at 800.362.2599 or order online to get started. Click here to learn more about the benefits and details of WebCaster.

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