What’s in your loan file?

BJ Bounds

Every loan file is unique.  Any number of factors determines the various forms, fields, services ordered that make each file different from all others.  When you are processing multiple loans, how do you maintain order and keep up with every form—every transaction—within your files?

Using 3 components of your Point 7.3 system, all file data is instantly and easily accessible.

1.    Electronic Document Storage:  Electronic storage enables you to see any file in your pipeline—instantly—with the added security of knowing your data is safe and all in one place.  Point 7.3 allows you to drag documents from your desktop  directly into the document management screen of an open loan file.

2.    Document Organization:  Re-arrange documents in your files in such a way that makes the most sense to you so that you can see at a glance if anything is missing.  Document “stacking” allows you to sort and group your documents just like you need them.  Point 7.3 makes organizing document packages simple with customizable package types and an automatic packaging date that documents where, when and who sent each document within a package.

3.    Loan Checklist:  Your Track Status and Checklist should document every service ordered and every disclosure made, along with contact made with the borrower along the way.  Entering tasks should become an integral part of your business processes.

If your software is behind the times, call 800-362-2599 and speak to a knowledgeable account specialist about your requirements.  They’ll get you on the right track to organization!   So…what’s in your loan file?

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