Banking on Banker Upgrades – Point 7.3

BJ Bounds

Point 7.3 carries on with our goal to make the mortgage loan process as effective and efficient as we possibly can.  Taking all of your requests and comments from Point 7.2, we’ve developed 7.3 with banker features you want.  Here are a few helpful new features.

  • Synchronization is big player in this release because it makes things so much easier for you.  If you use the banker screens in Point, you’ll definitely appreciate this new feature.
    • The Track Conditions screen has been re-designed to synchronize with the Banker Conditions screen.
    • Mortgage banks can now control which conditions the loan originator and loan processor can view by configuring the Utilities menu.
    • This new feature will make it easy for the Underwriter to issue all external and internal conditions from the Banker screen and push only LO and Processor conditions to the Tracking screen.
  • If you’re processing your own settlements, you’ll appreciate the new HUD1 screen.  It’s simple to populate because it looks exactly like the form and you can populate fees on Page 2 with a copy feature from either the Fees Worksheet or the Fees & Impounds screen.
  • The Profit/Loss screen has been redesigned to distinguish between brokered and banked loans with specific print-outs for each.  This enhanced screen also allows accommodates split commissions and deductions.
  • Saving you money with third party vendors is another happy ending for Point 7.3 banker screen updates.
    • The Closing Docs interface has been enhanced with an audit feature that allows you to audit for missing information prior to drawing documents.
    • You can refresh the dialog box as you correct each error to verify that you are ready to submit your order!

For more information on these or other banker screen improvements, visit our Point product page or call 800-362-2599.

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