We’re Growing!

BJ Bounds

Over the past few weeks you may have seen several news releases about the changes going on at Calyx.  We’re thrilled to taking action and making a positive difference in this challenging economy.

Besides the announcement last month that we have acquired Loan-Score and are expanding our industry reach, we have also recently announced the addition of three new regional sales representatives.  Each of them brings tremendous industry experience and expertise.  We have the utmost confidence in the value that they bring to our customers.

Additionally, just last week we added a new product manager in our San Jose office.  This week we added 12 employees to our technical support and customer service departments in Dallas.  We will also be adding marketing staff in the near future.

As we strive to develop the products that will help you become more efficient and effective for your customers, we recognize the need to provide the same efficiency in our service to you.  Calyx will continue to grow as necessary to meet your needs and those of our future customers.

If you have any questions regarding your product needs, you can call 800-362-2599 and speak with your account representative or 800-342-2599 for technical support.

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