Point 7.4 Compliance: MLDS

BJ Bounds

Point 7.4 is full of compliance requirements that you need to start the new year.

One of the more recent developments came from the California Department of Real Estate since they released updated MLDS 882 and 883 forms last October.  Because the forms were hard to complete, they have created new easier to use versions–for use effective immediately.

The new forms are definitely more user-friendly.  Most of the typical fees are displayed and they are all driven from the fees worksheet to eliminate the need for double entry.  The 882 is an expanded version (legal print) of the 883 (letter print) and so far, the DRE has not provided regulations on which form to use.

Point 7.4 includes both forms for flexibility and they both meet DRE’s requirements.

Point 7.4 will be available for immediate download from MyCalyx on January 24.  Make sure your account is ready to go so you can meet these and other new regulatory mandates.

Visit our product page for additional features of Point 7.4.

2 Responses to Point 7.4 Compliance: MLDS

  1. Bradley Black says:

    Why is Calyx 7.4 not available to us ?

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