It’s Laugh and Get Rich Day

BJ Bounds

Today is one of those obscure holidays that is actually blog-worthy.  Seriously, laughing is always the best medicine, and I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to getting rich.  So let’s see what we can do to accomplish both today.

We hear daily that now is the time to buy.  That means that now is the time to market yourself and your business to get new and return business.  And this cold weather can put some pep in your step so all you need to add is your smile, and your laugh!

Think about what you can do to drum up some business today:

  • Get new clients at your child’s PTA meeting
  • Take a realtor to lunch
  • Print some fresh new flyers
  • Make friends with some local HOA’s
  • Get involved with local volunteer organizations
  • Join your neighborhood watch program

Remember, even though you’re getting beat up with regulations in the industry, this is the best time for buyers and if you get past the compliance barriers, it could be the best time for you!

Laugh and Get Rich Today!

2 Responses to It’s Laugh and Get Rich Day

  1. Jon Berry says:

    Great advice. A positive outlook goes a long way. Another thing I’ve been doing – make it a goal everyday to hand out at least 10 business cards. It doesn’t really matter to who…at the dry cleaners, grocery store, gas station, etc. Even if that person doesn’t need a mortgage they may know someone that does. If you approach with that positive attitude you’ll get more positive than negative feedback.

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