Get Reliable Verification Service in Point!

BJ Bounds

You do everything you can to make sure your business is compliant and that you follow all the rules.  But not all of your borrowers feel the same way—fake income or payroll statements can be found everywhere.

Don’t let your business suffer the consequences of income fraud. verifies income through form T-4506. is a qualified verifications services company integrated in Point® and is a leading innovator within the world of income verification.

With their simple to use system, the borrower fills out an easy form and results are returned with tax records for the individual from the requested year.   The program offers a delivery and tracking system with email notification from a secured site.  Through a 24/7 approval process, you will receive the fastest turnaround times available in the industry – period.

Start using services today. Simply go to Interfaces > Verification Services > in Point.

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