Spring Fever!

BJ Bounds

Sunday is the official first day of Spring!  That’s one of my favorite days of the entire year!  Spring has been in the air for a couple of weeks here in Texas. The sounds, the smells, and the budding of the trees have been bombarding our senses and making us all wish for Spring Break!

Remember when you were a student?   The first buds on a tree; the first flowers that come up in the yard; the baby birds that start appearing in the trees; the sounds of lawn mowers and trimmers starting up, and the smell of a warm fresh rain—all symbolized the impending break from school and the inevitable trip with friends or snooze-fest at home.

Now I still get that feeling—that feeling like something great is coming—when I experience those spring-time sensations.  Maybe I know it’s because in just a couple of weeks, the beautiful blue bonnets will bloom all up and down the highways and soon I’ll see babies and toddlers getting their official Texas portraits made among the blossoms.  The Texas Blue-bonnet symbolizes spring here almost like nothing else.  They don’t last long, but their arrival is greatly anticipated and we appreciate them while they’re here.

All of these things contribute to the warm feelings I have about Spring.  Spring is the best season of the year.  It’s the season everything starts anew and more than anything, it feels like coming home.

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