Help with PointCentral 7.3 – Reports

BJ Bounds

Today I’m going to talk about PointCentral. More specifically, this post is about a configuration issue with report column widths.  Those of you on Point can skip reading today, but make sure you come back!

If you have received a message that reads “Column width does not belong to table…” your report template settings need to be changed.

To resolve this issue:

Open the report template and set the Output Options

  1. From the left navigation panel, select Templates.
  2. Click Reports & Marketing.
  3. Double-click on the report that is generating the error.
  4. From the report template, select any of the display options from the Output Options section.
  5. From the menu bar, select File > Save.
  6. Go to the Reports & Marketing tab and re-select your report from the dropdown list and generate it again.

These instructions and more can be found in the KB article # 0386 and you can find other informative articles in our general Knowledge Base.

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