Marketing Campaigns – Point 101

BJ Bounds

Today starts a new series about using Point to help you create attention-grabbing marketing materials that you can send to any and all of your Cardex contacts.  We talked about this functionality last year but since it’s such a fascinating topic for those of us in the marketing department, we thought it was relevant enough to revive.

Point allows you to create custom forms.  You can create a document—a letter, flyer, brochure, postcard, email, etc—from scratch using the MS Word interface with Point, or you can modify a template from MS Word and import it into Point for customization and distribution.

If you start from within Point, here’s what you do:

  • The first step in creating a new custom form is to set up a Custom Form Template. In the Navigation Panel on the left of the Point screen, click the Templates tab. Select the Custom Forms/Letters/Email checkbox and then click the New button. The New Custom Form window appears. Enter a name for the form you want to create, and click OK.
  • Microsoft Word® opens, showing a blank document, along with the Point Custom Form window.
  • In Microsoft Word, you can create your form, and select Point fields from the Select Point Field dropdown list to insert Point merged fields into your document. Once you select a field, click the Insert button to put it into your document.
  • If the field you need is not in the dropdown list, select Other Point Fields Not Listed Above and click Insert.  The Insert Point Field window will appear.  Enter the Field ID and click Insert.
  • When you are finished creating your document, click Save, then click Close.

If you already have templates or documents in MS Word that you’d like to use, we’ve got you covered, too!  You can easily import those documents into Point to use with your contacts.

  • In Point’s left navigation panel, click the Templates tab. Select the Custom Forms/Letters/Email checkbox, and then click the Import button at the top of the workspace. If the Word document contains Mail Merge fields, the following message appears stating that those fields are no longer available after import. Click Yes.
  • The Select Word File(s) to Import box will appear. Highlight the Word file or files you want to import and click Open.
  • The document you selected is added to Point.

And you’re done!  If you want to see screen shots, you can follow the link here to see instructions for Custom Forms and other tips you can use!

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