Adding Logos and Pictures – Point 102

BJ Bounds

A big part of customizing your own marketing materials is making sure your company logo and contact information marks them as yours.  After all, a flyer is nice but even the best rates in the world won’t get you customers if they don’t know who you are!

So today we’re going to go through the simple steps of getting your logo onto all of your custom forms in Point.  This means your letters, emails, and any marketing documents you create will have your logo!

  • The first step to inserting your company logo on Marketing forms is to tell Point the folder where your Company logo is located on your computer. To import the logo, open Point, click Utilities, select Company Defaults > Marketing Letterhead.
  • Click Browse to find the company logo you want to appear at the top of your marketing documents (Point accepts .bmp, .jpg, and .gif files). To automatically adjust the graphic, click the “Auto Fit” check box. You can also adjust the location and size of the image by entering different numbers in the move right/down fields and increasing or decreasing the percentage in the zoom field.
  • The company logo you select is unique to each data folder in Point, giving you the ability to have a different logo for each data folder. Your company logo will appear on all marketing printouts from screens located in the Marketing menu in every Point file.

I told you it was easy!  If you want illustrated instructions, visit our Tip Sheet on Company Logos on our website.  You can find other marketing tips there, too.

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