Beware the IRS!

BJ Bounds

Today is the day most of us dread every year.  Even if you’re getting a refund, the thought of the IRS and Tax Day in general brings with it a sense of foreboding.

There is always the “what if’s” when it comes to filing your taxes.  The tax code is so complicated that even if you use a tax preparation software or even have a professional doing your  taxes every year, there is always the question that lingers…did I do everything right?

And even if you have a professional tax preparer on the hook for any mistakes that get caught, the IRS still starts with you…and from what I hear, it’s a nerve-wracking experience.

But on a more positive note, it’s FRIDAY!  And we all LOVE Friday!  Even better, wouldn’t it great if we could make today a national holiday?  After all, nobody should have to work on Tax Day (except maybe the IRS)!

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