Be Smarter Than Your Competitors

Jessica Thompson

In a new regulatory environment, the ability to create instant Good Faith Estimates (GFEs) with live rates is increasingly critical. SmartGFE is an easy, reliable solution for Blocks 4 through 8 delivered directly into Point®.

SmartGFE streamlines the process of sending GFE’s by providing up-to-date settlement charges from a single neutral source, saving time and eliminating guesswork. SmartGFE helps close more loans by offering competitive quotes that comply with tolerance limits. SmartGFE is the industry’s most complete data solution, including:

  • Reliable cost estimates in 11 service categories, such as title insurance, settlement services, home warranty and pest inspection.
  • Property characteristics, such as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and square footage, to calculate more accurate quotes for services like home inspection.
  • Property taxes, transfer taxes and reporting fees by location.

SmartGFE ensures pricing for local vendors is accurate, while giving you a variety of choices.

Using SmartGFE is easy. With just a few clicks, you set line-item preferences for fees you want displayed in the GFE. You then choose your preferred vendor or shop to add to the GFE. After selecting the items that you want to add to your loan file, all the information is automatically transferred to Point.

SmartGFE makes creating a GFE is as easy as pulling a credit report. Start utilizing SmartGFE’s services today. Find them in Point by going to Interfaces > Compliance > SmartGFE.

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