NMLS Call Report Tip: Working with Excel

BJ Bounds

The NMLS Call Report is due very soon and we want to make the process in Point as efficient as possible.  We know there is a substantial amount of data preparation needed for your loan files, and we’d like to share with you this important tip that will help your reporting process in Point go smoothly.

Excel can freeze if you try to run a report several times in succession. When Excel is not available and Point is calling for it to launch again, you will get either an “operation busy” or “application busy” error message.

If you need to run the report again, the following steps will help you avoid potential problems:

  •  Save a copy of your original NMLS report in a convenient directory
  • Close Excel prior to running the report again.

If you do experience one of these error messages, close and then restart Point.

For more information, visit our NMLS Information page.  You can also view our helpful videos on the Calyx YouTube channel.

8 Responses to NMLS Call Report Tip: Working with Excel

  1. Sue1234pass says:

    I would like to know if “Prospect” status is the default status when opening a new file? Can the default be changed? I thought i heard that when credit report was pulled the Status would change automatically to “Application”….

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Sue. New loans do default to Prospect but you can just click the button on the left to change to borrower before you hit the “New” button. Credit applications do not automatically change the status. You can go to Track>Status to make that change. If you have PointCentral, the administrator can create a rule enforcing the status change based on the necessary criteria for your business. I hope that helps! BJ

      • Sue says:

        i think you miss understood. My Folder ALREADY has Borrower checked off.
        I am speaking about the Status of the loan on the tract/status pull down. Why is it defaulted to prospect with the current date?

        I am not on Point Central and I am the Administrator.
        Can i still create a rule?

        • CalyxCorner says:

          Hi Sue. Sorry for the confusion on your original question. The prospect status is the default for all files created in Point. The file becomes an application when it meets HUD’s definition of an application. Once the information is gathered and the file fulfills the definition then you can go to the Tracking screen and change the status.

          As to your second question, rules are a function/feature of PointCentral only.

  2. Sue says:

    I have a question regarding the Call Report:

    After pulling the report and entering additional information that is not necessarily on Calyx can I at that point be able to upload the report to NML Directly????
    Someone told me NO…so we manually inputted the info…ugh.

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Sue. You are correct. After the report is generated it must be manually entered into the NMLS site. Our NMLS specialist also recommends that you do not modify the report. I hope that helps.

  3. Sue says:

    Why wouldn’t Calyx generate this report to be uploaded into there system just like HMDA???

    It would be so much easier….

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Sue. We understand that the uploading directly would be greatly beneficial. We do have that functionality slated for a later release but I don’t have an ETA. It might help with planning and prioritizing if you send your request for it to askcsg@calyxsoftware.com. Thanks! BJ

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