Online Training

BJ Bounds

This year Calyx Software began offering all online training classes at NO-CHARGE!  That’s right—our classes are completely free.  And you can take as many classes as many times as you want to (space permitting).

We recently added a “Using Business Rules in PointCentral” that has become very popular.  For those of you on PointCentral, using the business rules, whether you choose the pre-built options or create your own, go a long way in maintaining order and visibility in your pipeline.  This class is tremendously helpful!

But don’t forget about our standard offerings.  If you need a crash course in Point or are just looking for tips and shortcuts, make sure you check out our schedule for the month.  We offer courses in topics like Getting Started in Point, Building Templates, Forms, Fees Worksheets, Originating and Processing, Optimizing Pipeline Reports in Point, Underwriting Loans in Point, and administrator courses for PointCentral.

If you’d like a course outline for any of the courses we offer, visit our Training page where you can click on each class to get additional information.

2 Responses to Online Training

  1. xiao says:

    I would like to join your Calyx online training classes but I don’t have a ” Account ID number” to register? What is that?

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