What can PointCentral do for you?

BJ Bounds

When you watch the Wizard of Oz, do you envision all your loan files being sucked up into a tornado and winding up in the Emerald City—forever lost to you?  Or do you have nightmares about compliance zombies coming after you?

We have the solution for you—PointCentral®.

PointCentral is the hosted server platform that eliminates the risk of lost data files from computer crashes, theft, or disasters.   By providing a central repository of all loan files, PointCentral allows you to see everything going on in your business—quickly and easily—through a secure Internet connection.

PointCentral makes managing your business even easier.  Flexible and customizable business rules enable compliant workflow and processes the way that works best for your business—and you don’t have to be a programmer to change and create your own rules!  Hard and soft stops ensure that files are completed with the data you need for compliance and reporting.  Audit trail functionality keeps you on top of your entire pipeline.

To learn more about PointCentral and how it could keep you nightmare-free,  call your account representative today at 800-362-2599 or check out our product page for detailed features.

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