Help with Point: Conditions Screen

BJ Bounds

If you are an underwriter and haven’t used the Conditions screen in Point, you are missing out on some great functionality.  Found under Banker>Conditions, this screen, which is mostly pre-populated with pertinent loan data, enables you to track required loan conditions needed before you can approve the loan.

Point offers built-in conditions that make it easy to select the conditions you need for funding and loan approval.  Default conditions are easy to create and are easily populate based on the needs of your company.

Additionally, Point gives you the option of creating a list of conditions in the Utilities menu that creates a drop-down list of conditions to add to your current list or create whole new list.  You can edit any of the conditions and even change the order!

If you add or change conditions in your Conditions List, you have the option to select whether the condition is needed Prior to Docs, Prior to Fund, Trailing, Investor, Submission, and Suspended.

To further help your workflow, you can add helpful tracking by including any of the conditions to the Track>Conditions screen with a simple checkbox.  If the condition should be displayed on the Mortgage Loan Commitment screen, that’s just another checkbox.

Conditions make it easy for you to track the documents you need.  Check out the screen in Point today.

For more information on this or other informational tips and guides, visit our Knowledge Base or call our Support Team at 800-342-2599.

8 Responses to Help with Point: Conditions Screen

  1. Sue says:

    We create a Commitment in our Custom Forms. How do we get the conditions over to the custom form????

  2. Jon Williams says:

    Is there anyone who can direct me to a site where custom forms are shared? I haev tried making the SSA-89 form and I am having trouble with it. I have some custom forms I can share too.

  3. Mark Barrett says:

    Why doesn’t point have SSA-89 form since we need it and have to fill it out manually?

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