Hurray the Stars and Stripes!

BJ Bounds

Today is Flag Day!  On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the US flag.

One of the original US Flags

Of course back then it didn’t look quite the same. In 1777 there were only 13 stars on the flag along with the 13 stripes that represented the original 13 colonies.

It wasn’t until 1960 that the flag as we know it with 50 stars was adopted.  It’s not a national holiday so it’s a normal work day for most of us.  But we do have one 3-day weekend coming up soon.

So, since Independence Day is just around the corner, I thought maybe I’d research a little about the flag and its proper usage.  I never realized that there were specific color designations for the colors in the flag until I saw the color charts on Wikipedia.  I definitely learned something new!

And did you know that the flag is prohibited for use in any advertising (such as napkins cushions, boxes, ect.) bedding, clothing, or drapery?  Yes!  That’s actually in the code!  Can you imagine not wearing your Flag t-shirt on July 4?  Not me!  I just bought a new one for 2011 and I’m definitely going to wear it!

There are so many other rules and protocols regarding our flag, but to keep this post short and sweet, I’ll just leave you with one last tip.  Today the flag is required to be at full staff.  After all, it’s Flag Day!

Have a great one!

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