Help with PointCentral: Modifying existing files

BJ Bounds

As you are working with Point files in PointCentral, you might find that occasionally you will not be able to save changes to a file you are modifying.  There are a couple of reasons this could happen.

  1.  The Point file is read-only due to a locked reservation

Every time you open a file, it will appear in the active reservations list.  When you close it, the reservation in PointCentral is released.  Sometimes a re-opened file will open in read-only mode.  To resolve, log into the PointCentral server, click Reservation, and delete the locked file reservation in “active reservations.”  NOTE:  if you delete the reservation while another user is in the file, their changes will not save.


2.    Your computer is on a FAT32 file system

PointCentral is not compatible with a FAT32 File System.  Although you can install Point successfully and connect to the PointCentral server, if your computer has a FAT32 File System, you will not be able to save changes to any existing Point file.  Your computer must be converted from a FAT32 to an NTFS File System in order to connect to the PointCentral database and update files.

 If you have additional questions, please call our Support Team at 800-342-2599, email them at or visit our Knowledge Base.

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