Alive & Kickin!

BJ Bounds

This year Calyx Software celebrates its 20th year in the industry.  We’ve come a long way from the #1 broker product of our youth.  We’ve expanded our focus to include all mortgage professionals and not just brokers. As the industry has grown, as our clients’ needs have grown, and as the market has shifted in dynamics, so have we.  We’ve updated our products and technology without sacrificing the easy-to-use functionality that made us #1 in just a few short years.

Still strong, Calyx currently serves the needs of 72% of all brokers and 36% of all lenders with software that enhances the way mortgage loans begin and are processed, all the way through their resulting sale or servicing.  With Point’s marketing tools, the end of the loan doesn’t have to be the end of the client relationship, as we offer the ability to stay in touch using the Cardex database and integration with MS Word for flyers, emails and brochures.

And we’re growing.  As we developed a greater understanding of the complexities of the lender market, we introduced PointCentral.  Combining Point’s banker functionality and comprehensive document management system along with the remote access and flexible business rules of PointCentral, Calyx has come through for lenders with technology that serves them without unwieldy complexity and rigidity.

It works.  That’s why we have nearly 42,000 active PointCentral users every month in addition to our numerous Point only users.

Calyx is still here; we’re still the #1 used LOS provider, and we’re here for you.

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