Do you really want to pay extra for success?

BJ Bounds

Calyx introduced a new business model at the beginning of 2011.  Along with completely free online training, Calyx began offering per user-per month pricing, with the choice of monthly auto-pay or 6 or 12 month prepayments.

We recognized that while being compliant using a fully functional LOS is extremely important, cost considerations play a strong role in decision making.  Payment options ensure that even the smallest operation can remain compliant and current on all regulations and also that large shops can better plan their budgets every year.

Can you imagine if Calyx had chosen to move to a more transactional business model—one where you pay per closed loan vs per user?  If you are never planning to become successful, that’s probably not a bad way to go.

But who goes into business planning to fail? 

And if you plan to succeed by growing your business, do you really want to pay more for that success?  Should your success eat away at your profits?  We didn’t think so.

That’s why we offer the beloved, tried-and-true method of low per-user pricing.  We work with your budget and you get free training so you can learn the most effective way of using your software, including tricks and tips to get you through any part of the loan process.

Calyx helps you succeed without penalty.

If you would like to learn more about your payment options or how we can help you grow your business, call an account representative today at 800-362-2599.

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