Does Innovation = Experimentation?

BJ Bounds

Sometimes new isn’t always better.  Innovation seems to be the current buzzword in just about every industry.  New companies toast to the latest and greatest inventions or engineering concepts.  But are they really worth risking your business for?

Innovations have a 98% failure rate right off the bat.  By the time they make to market, they’re past the failure stage in-house, but when they move to market, they move to experimental stage.  That makes all of us who try the latest new technology—in essence—guinea pigs. Remember Windows Vista?

I’m not saying that innovation is bad, I’m cautioning against knee-jerk reactions to always get the newest and shiniest technology just because it’s new and shiny.  Sometimes technology that works and is easy to use is exactly what you need to be efficient and grow positive ROI.

Improvements can be made internally that do not affect how you see the outside.  That’s the beauty of technology.  It can be engineered and configured with mind-boggling complexity, but be completely clean and easy-to-use for end users.

At Calyx, we prefer to our software to be complicated for us on the inside, but easy for you on the outside.  Innovative?  Maybe not.  But we’ve been doing it right for 20 years and it works how and when you need it.

If you would like a free demonstration to see for yourself how our experience and engineering know-how can make your life easier, call one of our account representatives at 800-362-2599.

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