The pain of customization

BJ Bounds

Have you ever been so frustrated with finding the perfect pair of dress pants that you had one custom made?  You absolutely loved it and wore it everywhere—a perfect black that made coordinating outfits a breeze!

What happened the next year when you found out that you had gained a few pounds and the vision of a fully zipped pair of pants became only a distant memory?

If you took it back to the tailor, you perhaps discovered that in order to enlarge the pants, they would have to take it apart and add more fabric, making it pieced together and unrecognizable as the “go-to” pant-perfection that it was last year.

Like your custom pants, technology can be customized on the front end for your business.  But as with your weight gain, your business needs can change from one year to the next, even one month to the next.  But if you’ve had your technology custom made for you, making the required changes could leave your system pieced together and unrecognizable—or broken.  And what if your customized technology needs regular updates that don’t readily integrate with your current customizations?  That leads to more time consuming system manipulation.

While you can’t always find stretchy dress pants, it is easy to find technology for your business that you can easily configure as your needs change.  That way you don’t have to depend on upfront, expensive customization.

Give yourself the gift of flexibility with configurable technology that’s good for business.

With PointCentral, you can create, change, or remove business rules to best suit your business. Find out how by calling our account representatives at 800-362-2599.

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