Get a handle on your business

BJ Bounds

Taking control of your mortgage business is easier than you think.  If you’re already using Point, you know how extremely beneficial having an efficient software process is for getting your loans to the closing table quickly and accurately.

But if you have more than one user, more than one office, or you travel a lot, getting a handle on your business is as simple as upgrading to PointCentral.  PointCentral’s end-to-end server platform gives you 24 hour Internet access to everything in your pipeline.  Complete oversight and management is possible from anywhere that offers a secure Internet connection.

Additionally, PointCentral offers strong security measures and keeps your sensitive loan data in a secure centralized location, ensuring you don’t lose information even if you lose your hard drive or laptop.  Offline files are automatically updated to the server location the next time a user log into Point so that there is always only one file in one place.  Complete audit trail functionality details every change that has been made in each file.

And not only does PointCentral put access to files, screens and fields at your disposal, but processes that you implement for your business can easily be integrated into your software workflow with simple-to-configure Rules and Templates.  As your needs change, you can add, modify, and remove them through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard.

If you want to find out more about how PointCentral can give you the control you need over your business, visit our website or call 800-362-2599 to schedule a free demo.

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