Happy Veteran’s Day!

BJ Bounds

A tremendous thank you to all the veterans out there!  I promised myself I wouldn’t write a sappy tribute this year so don’t think you have to grab the tissue with this one.

I am so extremely proud of all of you who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  Veterans Day is traditionally a tribute to those veterans of the Armed Forces but I also want to extend my thanks to you in the Unarmed Forces of the US.

I’m referring to the members of the State Guards.  Not the National Guard—but the State Defense Forces that operate under the sole authority of a state government.  Only 22 states have such a defense force.

Texas has one, and I am proud to have served with them for several years as an MP.  The role of the Texas State Guard has changed over the years from a military police function to focus more on emergency management and homeland security missions.  And while membership is completely voluntary, if a unit is activated by the governor, members are paid commensurate with their current military rank.  It’s a very significant organization to the state and being a member is very rewarding.

So many of you serve our country in various ways, but today we express our appreciation to all veterans, both federal and state. 

Happy Veteran’s Day!

2 Responses to Happy Veteran’s Day!

  1. SGT (MDDF) Brian F. Payton says:

    Thank You!! As a member of the Maryland Defense force, I am happy to here that someone is recognizing our efforts.

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