Gobble Gobble!

BJ Bounds

On a holiday that gives of all the opportunity and the venue to express our thoughts and feelings about those things for which we are very thankful, I thought I would start the holiday with the thought that rises to the top of my list:   I’m very thankful to have the next two days off since Calyx is closed for the holiday!

Is that terrible?  In all seriousness, I like the tradition of families sitting together and listing those things that mean the most to them.  I’ve seen more instances of that on TV lately and it’s a trend that should continue.  It’s rare nowadays for families to sit down to dinner on a regular basis—making Thanksgiving and the traditions surrounding it that much more significant.

So today I’ll tell you that I’m truly thankful for my family and friends—as dysfunctional as they may be—and for the opportunity I had last week to meet many of you at our user conference.  There is a lot more but I’ll save that for tomorrow!

 Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We’ll talk again next week!



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