PointCentral the way you need it

BJ Bounds

Our software is designed to increase efficiency and ensure compliance without the exorbitant costs of other systems.  But sometimes getting everything set up just way you want to can seem like a daunting job if you’re doing it by yourself.

If you need help setting up your business rules, developing a successful workflow roadmap, or creating your business templates and reports, we have a dedicated staff of software and industry experts that can get you where you need to be…quickly and professionally.

With either onsite or online consultations, our professionals can help you build a strong foundation for management and compliance using customized processes and workflow that work best for your business.  Here are some of the tasks our seasoned professionals can assist you with:

  • PointCentral implementation
  • Data migration into PointCentral
  • Multi-branch deployment
  • Business rules, templates & processes
  • PointCentral custom forms and reports

Call 800-362-2599 to speak with your account representative.  He or she will walk through your needs in detail so that your consultation is perfectly tailored to your business.  Once your consultation is scheduled, get ready to take control of your business with the efficiency, manageability, and flexibility you need to move forward with confidence.


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