Help with MyCalyx: Installation Groups

BJ Bounds

MyCalyx allows you to set up installation groups to facilitate Point installation on both network environments and the PointCentral server environment.  These installation settings work by configuring the Point installation on the client machine to access data files and templates from either a network location or the PointCentral server.

To create an installation setting, log into and click Manage Users, then Installation Settings.  You’ll want to select “Create New Settings” from the dropdown list.  Enter a name into the Name field that best describes this installation setting.

For network installations: 

  • In the Templates Directory Path, enter the path to the shared pnttempl folder.
    (For example: \\Server\Point_Data\Pnttempl or H:\Pnttempl)
  • In the Data Folder Path, enter the path to the shared data folder and then click the plus(+) symbol.
    (For example: \\Server\Point_Data\Pntdata or H:\pntdata)
  • Repeat step 7 for all data folders which you are connecting to the installation setting.
  • Leave the PointCentral section blank.
  • Click Save.

For PointCentral installations:

  • For PointCentral, the Templates Directory Path and Data Folder Path should be left blank.
  •  In the PointCentral section enter the PointCentral service URL and security key.  (For example,
  • Click Save

For both: When the installation setting is saved, you can assign it to a new or existing user. The user will receive an e-mail to install Point from MyCalyx.

For screen shots and optional steps for both types of installations, visit Knowledge Base Article # 0688.

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