‘Tis the Season

BJ Bounds

A holiday by any other name is still as festive.  This Sunday is Christmas Day.  I love this time of year not only for the cold invigorating weather, or the colorful decorations, but also it’s the season of giving, or gifting.

But I’m not talking about giving of your time or your money during the holiday season through volunteer work or gracious donations to organizations that help the less fortunate—I’m talking about the art of re-gifting.

Re-gifting is a fact of life.  There is always that one friend or relative that has a knack for selecting the perfect re-giftable gift.  You know— that thing nobody really wants but could possibly have value to somebody else?  The fruitcake in the tin; the drugstore cologne; the “spa” gift set; the $10 Christmas blanket; the banana protector; or the totally ingenious coffee mug that plugs into your car’s 12V charger.

Personally I’m not good enough at re-gifting to attempt it very often.  It takes killer organizational skills or a really good memory to pull off a successful re-gift operation without the original giver finding out—or receiving it back the next year.

But I’m sure there are quite a few experts out there.   Let’s hear your stories of re-gifting.

Have a little fun this afternoon and take our short “re-gifting” poll. 

Happy Holidays from Calyx!

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