Happy New Year!

BJ Bounds

2011 is just about over…and now we have a whole new year to plan!

It’s exciting to think about every January as a “do-over.”  This is the opportunity to do all the things you wanted to do last year but didn’t quite get around to doing them.  It’s a time to plan goals, vacations, and house repairs.

If you make New Year’s resolutions, of course this is the weekend to make them.  I always just have plans and goals throughout the year so promising myself something in January just doesn’t fit my structure.

But some traditions I do uphold.  I make sure to have my black-eyed peas on January 1.  Now I realize that black-eyed peas are not traditional all over the United States.  I found out last year it must just be a regional thing.  So it does make me curious as to the must-have/must-do traditions for you.

If black-eyed peas aren’t the “good luck food” for your area, what is?

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