January Calyx Network Update

The January Interface Update took place yesterday, January 4.  As a result, you’ll see changes to services within your Point® software.

BuildFax® gives you the ability to confidently say “yes” to more loans more often. Sign up before January 13th to receive a free 2-week trial and special introductory pricing to begin lowering your transactional risk! BuildFax’s building permit history reports offer that additional layer of documentation needed to increase loan quality and say “yes” to more loans, critical in this era of greater loan scrutiny and tighter standards. As the only automated source for national improvement data, BuildFax provides Calyx Point users with insight into property changes – permits for major additions and remodels not found in tax assessor data – that validate the valuation of a property and comps, or conversely, raise concerns if no major improvement permits exist for the property. More than 400 lenders already utilize BuildFax data in their loan approval process. GSEs acknowledge permitting data as a trusted source for independent, third party verification of property improvements and condition (see Freddie Mac’s Bulletin 2009-24). Find BuildFax under AVM Reports in the Services menu. Visit www.buildfax.com/calyx/gettingstarted for more information.

Remember, every month we add new service providers to our software. This enables you to have the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips. Be on the lookout for our monthly blog about new Interfaces in Point!

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