Help with Point: PDF files

BJ Bounds

PDF may be the greatest invention since sliced bread.  It’s so universal and it certainly comes in handy when sending documents that you do not want edited and that everyone else can easily open.

Most of the time…Every once in awhile, you may receive a PDF file that contains a “portfolio” feature that does not conform to standard PDF specifications or it includes graphics that are not support by Point’s viewer.

If that happens, there is an easy fix that allows you to still store the document in your document management system and view it outside of Point.

Here is what you do:

  1.  Open the document management system
  2. Highlight the PDF file that Point cannot display
  3. Click the View button to view the file using Adobe
  4. OR click the Save As button to save the file on your desktop before opening it with Adobe

For additional details or screen shots on this or other questions, visit the Knowledge Base or Support site at any time of the day or night.

If you’d like to speak to one of our support team members during our normal business hours, please call 800-342-2599.  As a reminder, your account must be on the latest version of Point take advantage of free personal phone/email/chat support. 

4 Responses to Help with Point: PDF files

  1. Ralph Gambino says:

    I have a customer who is saving to a PDF in Point. And it saves. But when he tries to open the PDF, it won’t open. He has Adobe Reader XI installed. Thanks.

  2. Ralph Gambino says:

    Rolling back to an earlier version of Acrobat Reader fixed the issue. Thanks!


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