Happy Valentine’s Day!

BJ Bounds

Today is Valentine’s Day—a day most of either love or hate with equal passion.  When I was in elementary school, I really liked the emphasis on and availability of chocolate and candy, but didn’t like the competition for the most or the best exchanged Valentines.  Decorating my “box” wasn’t my strong suit, either.  Ah, the memories!

Now that I’m grown, I like everything about this holiday, except the changing days.  I wish it was one of those holidays that was celebrated on a particular day of the month instead of an actual date; having it fall on Tuesday makes it harder to make romantic dinner plans.

Although I celebrated the holiday over the past weekend with dinner and a movie, I have an inkling that something will be delivered to the office today.  Not to be outdone, I am also having something delivered to my husband’s office— he has no idea—but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it— it includes meat.

Over the years we’ve given each other strange Valentine’s Day gifts.  When we were dating, he gave me a toaster and received a lot of ribbing about it from his friends—but it’s what I wanted at the time.  And they’ve continued to be either strange or non-traditional.  But it keeps things interesting, so we persist.

I’ll be anxiously watching for the delivery guys today!

What about you?  Do you have any Valentine’s traditions?

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