Help with Point: MyCalyx and IE9

BJ Bounds

We all want the latest and greatest software, right?  It’s no different when it comes to Internet Explorer.   The last release is out and it’s all the rage.  Not everybody can download it, though, because it doesn’t work the older operating systems (i.e. XP).

If you’re using Microsoft Vista or 7, this article is for you.

MyCalyx and IE9 don’t always get along.  So if the MyCalyx prerequisite check page loops after restarting the computer, you’ll know instantly that your initial compatibility setting in Internet Explorer needs attention.

It’s an easy fix.

  1. Close all web pages
  2. Click the Install Point link from the installation e-mail that you have received.
  3. From the Prerequisite page, click the compatibility icon on the menu bar. (The compatibility icon is the page break icon that is to the right of the address bar).
  4.  Close the web pages and click Install Point from your MyCalyx installation e-mail.

That’s all it should take!  If you’d like screen shots or additional details or alternatives, visit the Knowledge Base article #0353.

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